a little about me

People and patients. Medicine and healthcare. Patients and Physician. No cancer and cancer. Caucasian and Hispanic. Parochial and public. White-collar and blue-collar. 
I have one foot in and one foot out of contrasting worlds. I understand what it means to go from a normal life to completely uprooted with 3 simple words: You-Have-Cancer.
This life experience gave me clarity that words build worlds. Some talk in terms of scalability, profitability, and efficiency commonly referred to as healthcare. But what patients and physicians want is personal, generous, and time-consuming. It’s called medicine. 
We want care that is based on each of our own desires and expectations.  This is the N of 1. We want care delivered at the N of 1. 
If this sounds like a world you believe in and desire when it comes to your own care, then please join me in creating a world at the N of 1. 
I work to span across, challenge the status quo, and design new worlds. Please read this paper that started me on this journey (add white paper publication). Watch this video to learn more. (add video and link) 
Together, let’s build the world we all desire in health and medicine: a world that cares at the N of 1.