5.9.2013 CancerGeek Being Re-launched

The site has been hidden since 3.2009. It is time to bring it back to the masses.
The world has changed a lot in 4 years. There is more content, there are more choices, and there is more “noise” for healthcare organizations, providers, patients, and family members.
I have changed as well. I have had the ability to run a few new businesses, work for a major corporation, lead a couple of programs, assist on a few grants focusing on multidisciplinary care and patient navigation. I have been exposed to new technology, genomics, the world of design, some really cool art, marketing, and some introspective insights.
I am relaunching the site to share my views on the world around me. The world of healthcare, the world of cancer and oncology service lines, and the ideas or thoughts that I have related to this space.
My intent is to share what I have seen, what I do see, and what I believe is yet to be seen in the environment of healthcare and the world of oncology services and cancer.
I hope you are ready for the ride and be prepared to have some of your current views challenged. To me it is not about it being impossible, it is about having the desire to make it a reality.
As always, you can feel free to contact me at: CANCERGEEK@GMAIL.COM
*Disclaimer, since I am in the midst of updating the site, please realize that any former posts from 3.2009 and prior have not been updated or removed yet.

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