5 questions for Healthcare CEO’s

Today I was asked a rather odd question.

If you had the chance to ask a Healthcare/Hospital CEO 5 questions, what would you ask?

I started to think about it.

What would I ask if I was in front of a CEO? What question is relevant? What question would they be intrigued with and discuss more?

At first I began to think of all the generic consulting questions such as:

What are your biggest challenges?

Where do you need the most help?

How does the regulatory environment play into your decisions?

Then I paused.

I thought what would Mike Wallace ask a CEO?

Then I rewrote my list. A list I believe possesses questions many want to ask but do not.

Questions that would have some real meaning.

Here’s the list. If Chrissy is reading, feel free to steal Ms Farr.

1. How do you judge success of your physicians, admins, people? How are they paid? How does this align to your payment?

2. Can you justify the ROI of the EMR or EHR with improvements in overall care of your patients, and efficiency in work of your physicians…where’s the proof in that statement?

3. When insurance denies the ability of your physicians treatment recommendation to care for your patients as they deem best, do you follow the insurance recommendation or do you allow the physicians recommendation to be implemented? Why?

4. Data is a big deal. Lots of money associated with data. Do you currently partner with any other organization or companies to anonymize, share, distribute, or in any other form that unidentified data? How do you ask each patient and physician for their permission to use that data as such?

5. If you had a choice between an AI that is proven to be more effective than a physician in making a clinical decision, would you invest in the physician or the AI for your hospital? Now your child is the patient, would you rather have a human or the AI care for you?

While I’m sure these questions will never get in front of a hospital or healthcare CEO, I believe it’s this very type of questions we need to be asking.

Questions to hold our business leaders accountable for reverting medicine into healthcare.

Change begins with asking hard questions and holding leaders accountable.

Change happens at the N of 1.

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