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There has been a lot of discussion around the website and that it serves a very unique and specific need to educate the population about current cancer topics. I have been working diligently to ensure that I keep the most up to date, comprehensive, and percise information on this site.
I have also gone to great lengths to ensure that all responses are being answered within the alloted 24 hour time frame. If you or a loved one submits a question to, the questions are reviewed, researched, and answered within 24 hours. There was a brief period of time in which there were issues with the server, and some emails did not come through until later. This has since been resolved and rectified.
In addition, to keep up with the pace of changes in the world of cancer, patients, and health care it takes a great deal of research to ensure that topics are kept up to date and any changes that need to be made based off of new research or publications, are done in a timely fashion.
You will also notice that there is now a donations button to the right side of the page. This is through paypal. What this will allow to do, is to continue to operate and generate on a timely basis and to ensure that all current and updated information is available to all of you in a concise, comprehensive, and easy to understand format.
I am also beginning to do some talks to community organizations, schools, colleges, businesses, professional societies, and other health care systems and cancer centers. This is to help create more information, knowledge, access, and education about current topics concerning patients, providers, and family members that have been touched by cancer.
I have also begun to work on several community awareness plans in order to raise awareness on all topics of cancer. This spans from breast, prostate, & lung cancer, to cervical, uterine, bladder, and every other type of cancer one can imagine. I believe that as a community and a public, we have done a very good job in creating awareness programs for breast cancer, but we have fallen significantly short on all other types of cancer. My goal is to create and generate as much buzz about other types of cancer as we have for breast cancer. I feel it is my obligation to patients, family members, friends, the community, and businesses to raise as much awareness, education, and funding for further programs for all types of cancer.
In our lifetime, 1 out of 4 of us will be diagnosed with cancer. In order to ensure that you or a loved one has all of the necessary tools and information available to you it is imperative that we continue in our fight against cancer. All dollars raised and donated will be placed back into programs that will help to further the efforts in our fight against cancer.
Please feel free to make a donation.
In the event that you are looking for more information on a specific type of cancer, need help with the financial dealings of cancer, or want to understand your diagnosis and treatment options better, please feel free to contact me and I will do everything I can in order to ensure a response is expedited to you within 24 hours of your email.
If you would like me to come and speak at one of your events, or to help educate one of your groups, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss this as well.
As always,you can feel free to contact me at: CANCERGEEK@GMAIL.COM

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