giving thanks

Giving Thanks 🦃

1. Life: I’m grateful for the life I have. I could have been born anywhere, at anytime, to anyone, and in most fortunate to have been born at this exact moment in time and space. Each day is beautiful, new, and filled with possibilities to connect and change the world.

2. Parents: Not sure how it happened, but two opposite worlds collided and brought me to life. A contrast between Caucasian and Hispanic, Mexico/Spain & Michigan, Middle Class and Poor, white and blue collar, English and Spanish. A melding of two 🌎.

3. Relationships: whether professional or personal, good or bad, all the relationships have led me to this point in being the individual I am today. Each person has taught me more of myself, the world, culture, and the ability to listen more and speak less.

4. Whisper: Each day all of us awake to that small little voice that plays like a bad commercial in our mind. A replay of why we can’t, shouldn’t, or couldn’t. The banter. In recent years I’ve learned to ignore, and instead to follow my whisper. The soft feelings in my heart that fill me in the quiet moments. In that whisper is where I find my strength, my perspective, and my own genius.

I’m thankful for everything I lost, every opportunity I have, and for the ability to connect and make ripples at the #Nof1

What are you #thankful for?

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