New decade – new exeriences

Life is all about experiences, and in my top 9, you see a few of the professional and personal experiences of 2019.

Our experiences are always at the #Nof1

Whether family, friends, colleagues or people we randomly meet, take the time to live, to be in the moment, to make a connection, and to create a ripple in this world. Always do it at the N of 1.

My first decade of the 2000’s was about mistakes. I made a lot of them.

The decade of the 10’s (teens) was about course correcting, fixing, reconciling, repayment, and being forgiven for the mistakes in the decade before.

This decade, the decade of the 20’s is yet to be decided. However, as I write this I sharing that this should be the decade of making dents, legacy, and ripples. Leaving specks of dust in the universe to ensure that the generations that comes after me remember that it’s not about fame, fortunate, or futuristic tech….

Life is about being human, having an open mind, an open heart, and open to giving of yourself to those you come in contact through this journey. It’s about making a difference at the N of 1.

New decade. New look. New feel. New logo. Always N of 1.

As always, you can find me at or on IG and Twitter as @cancergeek

Happy 2020!


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