October:Coming Attractions

As the turn of the clock continues we see ourselves leaving September behind and moving into the fall a bit more. We begin fall by kicking off September with Prostate Cancer Awareness and the beginning of football. As we roll into October, we move into the end of baseball and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Which means that as October 1 rolls in on Monday, so will my topics change. I will begin a month long series on Breast Cancer Awareness, facts, and topics. If there is anything anyone would like me to address or write on, please let me know at CANCERGEEK@GMAIL.COM or CANCERGEEK@CANCERGEEK.COM.
Other updates:

  • www.cancergeek.com is well on its way and is really starting to get some positive feedback and responses.
  • I have had phone conversations directly with about 11 patients and/or family members that emailed me and were seeking out additional information or clarification on their diagnosis, treatment options, and research about their particular cancer. I have done my best to return all responses within 24 hours, and for the most part it has been within 12 hours or less.
  • I have had about 70 emails to date that I have answered. These have been things ranging from asking for a study, needing clarification on a clinical research protocol, standard of care for breast cancer, what to take to help during radiation of the head and neck, and so on. Again, I have answered all questions within the 24 hours, and most have been done in 12 hours or less to alleviate wait times for patients and family members.
  • I am in the process of creating two other websites that will be linked to this page as well. The purpose of these pages will be to have direct access to studies, papers being written and published on clinical research for cancer, new clinical trials, new standards of care, as well as forms to print off that will help patients put all of their information together for easy reference. As soon as both sites are complete, I will make the links under BLOGROLL and also leave a post to let everyone know.
  • I have also created 2 new pages, “Now What?” and “Questions to Ask,” these pages are for easy access for any patients that need to have access to this information. Instead of having to search through all of the pages or the archives, its right on top, pint and click, and the information is there.
  • I have also created a new T-Shirt for the website. You can follow the link to order here: T-Shirts. For every shirt that is purchased from this site, I will get a small percentage of the profits, under 5% of the sale. This money will allow me to return it to the site and to continue on trying to help as many cancer patients and their families as I can. Here is what they look like:

CancerGeek.com shirt



I hope all of these updates are helpful to everyone. I hope that everyone has enjoyed this site to date, and I hope that I have been able to help some patients and family members out there. As always, if there is any concerns, information, or questions that you or a loved one may have, please feel free to contact me directly at: CANCERGEEK@GMAIL.COM or CANCERGEEK@CANCERGEEK.COM

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