Pause before publish

I have been writing. A lot.

I have written very personal and emotional stories.

I have written a few pieces on my professional work, my experiences, and the many challenges I experience on a daily basis.

I have written a few pieces that are edgy, or direct, or some may even say inflammatory.

Typically when I write I publish immediately.

I don’t leave time to edit, review, or think about what I have written for fear of letting my inner voice get the best of me.

This evening I was in a rush.

I wrote something that was timely, meaningful, and edgy.

This evening I paused before I published.

In the pause I thought I may be better off reviewing in the morning. Reading. Editing. Refining. Then posting.

It’s not about being edgy. It’s about delivering value. Value cannot be rushed.

Tonight I found value in a pause.

Often in medicine we need to pause to ensure we deliver care at the N of 1.

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