Private Messages

The question has been asked, “What if I want to ask you a question or send you a comment and only have you see it. How do we accomplish that?”
Well, everyone has the ability to send me a comment. I have a feature currently turned on in which I need to review all comments left on any of my blogs, and then once I review them, to approve, delete, or keep them private.
I would say if there is a question that is posed and you want it to remain anonymous, just leave that in the comment that you send to me.
I will make this statement: If there is a question that you ask to remain private, yet I think it is significant enough to blog about, I will then make every attempt to keep it private, but will blog about the topic in a manner that makes it seem as if it was my idea or concept.
I typically feel that there are no dumb or unimportant questions. If one person asks, then I am sure there are at least another 20 or so that want to know the same thing, but are just afraid to ask…so I may keep it for the future, but will make sure to keep it private.
Now that we have that straightened out, we can begin some more talk about bringing HOPE to people.

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