Weekly email relaunch – observations at the end of the week

I took a year off writing my weekly email.

I took the time off with intention. I wanted to pause, reflect, and observe. I wanted to see if anyone would notice. If anyone would care. If anyone would take the time to reach out and inquire. If I had the attention of an audience.

Over those 12 months I had people from all aspects of medicine (or to appease those who refer to the pseudo business called healthcare) send emails or ask me at various events, “Why aren’t you sending me your email anymore? Did you remove me on purpose?”

I explained that I made a conscious decision to pause, reflect, and then introduce again as part of the N of 1 universe.

Today, I sent out the new email.

If you want to sign up for the weekly email, you can do so here: http://eepurl.com/crF-lb

Here are this week’s top article’s.

  1. Cancergeek’s new podcast: 001: Observations At The End Of The Day
  2. To-Do Lists Are Dead
  3. Nomophobia Is Associated With Poor Sleep
  4. Human Skin Regenerated From Fish Skin
  5. Nation’s Cancer Doctors Say Bolder, More Aggressive Steps Needed To Achieve Cancer Care Equity 
  6. This Simple Email From Apple Is A Brilliant Example Of How To Delight Your Customers
  7. Women Of The Century Didn’t Succeed Despite Adversity, Often Because Of It
  8. Radiotherapy For Ventricular Tachycardia
  9. Oligometastatic Cancer: An Entity, A Useful Concept, Or A Therapeutic Opportunity? 
  10. Radiation As An Immunological Adjuvant: Current Evidence On Dose And Fractionation
  11. Responsibility of Medical Journals In Addressing Racism In Healthcare
  12. How The Publish Or Perish Principle Divides A Science: The Case Of Academic Economists
  13. Office Of Research Integrity Officers Looks To Bring US Agency Into The Digital Age
  14. High Profile Education Researcher Has Papers Retracted & Corrected, For Plagiarism & Misuse Of References
  15. What Virtual Reality For Flies Teaches Us About Human Vision
  16. COVID Hits Minorities Hardest, But Data Doesn’t Often Show It
  17. Radical New Model Of The Brain Illuminates Its Wiring

Observations happen at the N of 1.

Please email your comments, thoughts, questions, or ideas to me directly at cancergeek@gmail.com. You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram.


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